Photograph by Piccadilly Posh Photography

Heather Patterson, Owner/Event Planner

For the past ten years, Heather Patterson has been creating divine and elegant events for friends and family.  A native of Charles Town, WV, Heather has always shared her natural gift for creating beautiful and charming events.

In February 2013, Heather entered her career as an event planner already equipped with years of invaluable experience.  Her reputation – established solely by word of mouth – soon made her the planner of choice for a circle of clients with the desire to celebrate elegant and personalized events at reasonable cost. 

With creativity by her side, Heather continues to coordinate one-of-a-kind events characterized through intricate details toward a central theme.  

Degree/ Certification

BS, Information Technology, University of Phoenix
MBA, University of Phonenix
MS, Administration of Justice and Security, University of Phoenix

Wedding Planning Certification by Trendi

Event Planner Certification by Trendi

Event/Wedding Planner Professional